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You may have noticed a change to your email system, this change allows us to provide you with different levels of protection against spam and advanced spam filtering. To access these features simply navigate to and type in your username and password, and in the Go to: dropdown menu select Mail Settings then click the Sign In button.

In the Main Menu click on Spam Management, you will be presented with Anti-Virus Info, Spam Logs and Quarantine Mail. You can click on any of these links for details on the things that can be done on the various pages.

  • Spam Management: Along with expanding the Spam Management menu this menu item also takes you to the Anti-Spam Protection page
  • Anti-Virus Info: This page details the Anti-Virus Protection used to check your emails
  • Spam Logs: This page gives a log of the email that has been filtered as spam. Clicking on the Show Spam Log Detail link will give greater details on the emails that have been blocked.
  • Quarantine Mail: This page shows the actual email messages that have been blocked. This page will enable you to allow email from wanted senders.


Spam Management- Anti-Spam Protection page(top)
For detailed help on the subjects contained in this page click on the small question mark to the right of the item you would like more help with.

The first thing you may see is that there is a button to completely disable your spam filter, this should almost never be done.

The different settings for spam filtering are:

  • Minimal - This is the bare minimum spam filtering, this setting will most likely allow a fair amount of spam through to your inbox.
  • Normal - This is the normal setting for the spam filter. This should stop most of the spam without filtering many if any wanted senders. The downfall of this setting is that there is no quarantining of spam emails, in other words if a wanted sender is blocked there is no way to see their filtered email.
  • Normal, (w/Quarantine)(RECOMMENDED) - This setting has the benefits of being an effective spam filter while at the same time retaining the spam emails. The benefit to you is that any email that is screened out that should not be can be reviewed and the sender allowed. This is the setting that we recommend for our users.
  • Strict - This setting should only be used if your email address is being target heavily by spammers. Care should be taken when using this setting as there is a good chance that that wanted senders will be blocked and your Spam folder should be watched carefully.

Edit Spam Lists: Blacklists are used to block senders and Whitelists are used to allow senders

  • Subject Blacklist - This is used to filter out email based on the content of the subject line
  • From: Blacklist - Filter emails based who the email is from. This could be based either on the mailbox that the email came from or the server that the mailbox belongs to
  • From: Whitelist - Create a list of email addresses to allow. This could be based either on the mailbox that the email came from or the server that the mailbox belongs to
Note: The Subject, From:Blacklist and From:Whitelist all support regular expressions. Whole books have been written on using regular expression for pattern matching a good site for an overview of the power of regular expressions you can look at this Regular Expression Tutorial.
Anti-Virus Info - Virus Protection (top)
This page details the Anti-Virus Protection that is in place to protect your email box. Anti-virus is a part of protecting your computer from viruses received in emails, the other part of the equation is to only open attachments from people that you know and to always be wary of any links or pictures contained within emails.

Spam Logs (top)
This page shows statistics on how many and what type of spam is being filtered by your spam filters. Clicking on the Show Spam Log Summary will give you a more detailed list of how many of each type of email is being filtered.

Quarantine Mail (top)
This will show you the content of your Spam folder without having to actually go into either Webmail Lite or Tuxedo. On this page you are able to select, by putting a check mark in the box next to the email, one or more emails that you would either like to mark as Spam or Not Spam. You can also use the Find Mail From: text box to search for emails from a specific sender.

Mark a message and click Spam - Please delete permanently will delete the message from your Spam folder and if this email shows up again from this sender they will again be blocked

Mark a message and click Not Spam - Please deliver normally will move the message to your inbox.

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